Just back from a long weekend in Norway and I am still totally blown away by how beautiful it is there.  We landed and drove straight to our friends' generations old farmhouse replete with lake. I slept like a baby in a cradle bed in the living room while the boys went out exploring.  A delicious fish soup and hearty bread followed by a long night in front the fire with friends and nips & nibbles.  Purrrrfect.

Norwegian Fish Soup
The Farmhouse and guesthouse

Moose hunters

Next day the train ride to the city of Stavanger and more fish was to be had on the harbor at an ordinary, yet extraordinary, place that left me drooling.  Fisketorgot is a fishmonger and a restaurant with a seething aquarium full of lobster right on the harbor.  Seriously delicious.  The soup and the carrot cake are highly recommended.

Gorging at Fisketorget; crab, sashimi, salmon and carrot cake!

Looking over the Stavanger Harbor from the Tower
The Valberg tower was the former observation tower of Stavanger.

Loved the design and architecture, which just like in Holland, combines tradition with modern.

A night walk through Stavanger reminded me of SF's hills.

Finally a Sunday afternoon boat ride to the spectacular fjords, which are long inlets of water bordered by high mountains, originally formed by glaciers.  I honestly felt like I was in God's Country.  Absolutely breathtaking.  
****Must see. 

A hearty shrimp omelet at Solo Strand Hotel and a refreshing beach walk before going home.  This hotel has a spa and tennis courts, only 5 mins from the airport. 

Modern beach house with the view below. 


DAVID BYRNE: How Music Works

Did anyone see David Byrne & Michel Lambot speak at the Concertgebouw Saturday night?  Hosted by the John Adams Institute, the premise of the evening "Are Musicians an Endangered Species in the Digital World? 

The event had a good start, but by Q&A time it seemed that our questions were not really being answered and the premise never seemed to be addressed.  Perhaps we were venturing too far into the future to be able to speculate with any degree of certainty?  Nevertheless, I expected more than what I walked away with, but very much enjoyed seeing this famous musician in person.
Snuck this pic super quick

David Byrne's book "How Music Works" is now available in Dutch as "Hoe Muziek Werkt".  He claims that the chapters are independent of one another and that they do not need to be read in sequence.  If you are not interested in a chapter, he says, by all means skip it.  My curiosity is definitely piqued.   Preview the book here.

DUTCH DESIGN: Woonbeurs 2014

I really have come to enjoy Dutch Design and as you might know, I attend the Woonbeurs every year to snoop around and see what's new.  I no longer camp out for the day like I did in the early years.  Now, I just pop in and whiz around to see some favorite magazine installations (VT Wonen, Ariadne at Home, Eigen Huis) and maybe grab a coffee along the way.  I also enjoy stopping by the kitchen area, although Bulthaup hasn't shown in a few years now, so that I can also grab some free nibbles. 

If you didn't get a chance to see the Woonbeurs this year, here are some things I saw.  Also, today is the start of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (DDW 2014).  Check it out if you can.

CINEKID FESTIVAL: Film, TV & Media Festival

Had an awesome time yesterday at the Cinekid Festival.  I made my intellectual selections and then gave it over to my 10 year old who made me switch tickets for SHORTS by KIDS, which was super fun, a mini-film festival in one hour. We also really enjoyed the YOU TUBERS who were there in person to share their channels and give tips & tricks on how you can do it too. 

The You Tubers

Nothing compared, however, to the hip Medialab where you could geek out for hours or try various contraptions and wizardry.  Not sure if you can still get into any workshops, but highly recommended if you can.  Unplug those kids and go have them go try out some new stuff.  There is also an APP LAB.  The festival is on NOW and through tomorrow, so check out the agenda HERE.

Have a great weekend!
The Medialab

Super cool dog that reacts to you.

 (9 t/m 18 oktober 2014): 
Pazzanistraat 37
1014 DB Amsterdam

+31  (0)20 - 705 15 13 (dagelijks tussen 12.00 en 14.00 uur) 
of stuur een mailtje naar: cinekid@festivaltickets.nl

E-mail: info@cinekid.nl